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While our focus is predominantly business-to-business research, we do also cater for those needing business-to-consumer research. Regardless of the size of your company or the industry in which you operate, we have the expertise and resources to deliver value. We will manage your research projects, advise on the best suited interviewing method and give detailed insight into how your customers experience your service. Our main objective is to get you the information you require to deliver value to your customers, within your budget.


Interface Management employs a team of freelance researchers, each of whom has substantial experience in conducting both face-to-face and telephonic interviews. These are not run-of-the-mill call centre agents, but seasoned research professionals who know how to get an interview and how to conduct it in a manner that elicits the most useful information.


Interface Management has over thirty years of experience in customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement, with hands-on involvement in over five hundred customer-focused surveys. The company’s researchers are seasoned professionals. With thousands of interviews under their belts, they are able to secure interviews and communicate effectively with executives at all levels in business.


Over the years, exposure to a wide variety of markets and industries has enabled Interface Management to gain a thorough understanding of supplier-customer relationships in South African business. This insight is brought to bear on our research findings to ensure that conclusions, recommendations and subsequent consulting work are well founded and make good business sense.


Each research project is personally managed by a single senior analyst, from questionnaire development through analysis to report writing. This ensures absolute continuity of understanding from project conceptualisation to execution and follow-up consulting. In other words, you get exactly what you ask for (and usually more).

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Surveys tailored to your requirements and designed specifically to answer the question “What do our customers think of us?”. They usually also incorporate questions designed to evaluate customer loyalty and to elicit suggestions for improvement. They may or may not include an assessment of competitors.


Customer Data Updates

Your existing customers are your company’s greatest source of new business. And yet once they are on your books, their contact details often remain static. Over time, this vital information becomes - this impacts on your company’s efficiency in communicating with its customers.


Employee Surveys

Outsourcing employee satisfaction surveys promises an objective approach to gauging employee perceptions and sentiments. Maintaining a positive workforce impacts positively on your bottom line.



Satisfaction Monitors

Regular, ongoing research to track customer satisfaction is not a “nice to have”. It’s a necessary part of your management toolkit that enables you to:

  • Quantify market sentiment towards your brand

  • Pinpoint problem areas in your frontline service

  • Improve cash flow by detecting issues impeding swift payment

  • Identify underlying operational, procedural and motivational problems

  • Monitor the effect of actions taken to improve service

What can you expect in our detailed analysis?


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